The following are some of the publications authored or co-authored by Scott Dahne.
All are in Adobe PDF format and some are fairly large, so they may take a few minutes to download. Click to download Acrobat Reader.

Patent 5128506 - Method and apparatus for selective infrared soldering using shielding fixtures

Impacts of Defense Spending Cuts on Industry Sectors, Occupational Groups, and Localities

The Defense Manufacturing Base Activity Based Cost Profiles and Their Implications for Funding Manufacturing Technology

A Concurrent Engineering Model Of The Design and Manufacturing Process for Electronic Assemblies

Advanced Design and Manufacturing for High Speed Digital Packaging

Analysis Report - Sandy Soil From Four TPS-63E Radar Sites

A Paradigm for Success in the Increasingly Competitive Global Marketplace

Cave Creek Citizens for the Future White Paper

Discreet VLSI Package Removal and Replacement

Evaluation of Alternative Materials Effectiveness in Cleaning Surface Mount Assemblies

Fractals and Chaos Theory - A Management Primer

Pin Diode Ribbon Failures on E2C BITE

Prebiotic Synthesis - The Origin of Life

Selective Infrared Soldering - A Two Part Investigation

Soldering Process Simulation As A Concurrent Engineering Tool

Substrate Cleanliness for Gold Ball Wire Bonding


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---Frank Lloyd Wright

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