"In all of your pursuits, maintain the attitude that you cannot fail. So...When you are going after Moby Dick, don't forget the tartar sauce."

Dahne Associates prides itself on providing the best possible resources for each client. Unlike many organizations, our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible expertise, not to train junior consultants at the expense of a client.

To achieve this goal, we operate in a virtual mode, teaming with senior level independent consultants based upon client requirements. Professionals who deliver results, each of our team members brings at least 25 years experience in their chosen specialty.

The teaming approach allows us to bring the appropriate resources to bear on each client engagement at the lowest cost to the client and yet providing the highest level of expertise.

Our principal personnel provide an experience base in training, consulting, management, marketing, advertising, finance, capital formation and business operations from numerous industries to include services, manufacturing, and public sector.

We work with companies from the Fortune 100 to small businesses in a myriad situations.

    • Are experts in their fields.
    • Have diverse backgrounds.
    • Are involved, enterprising and resolute.
    • Are focused on both trajectory (process) and results (deliverables).
    • Obtain results in collaboration with the client.
    • Make use of an investigative and critical problem solving style.
    • Are skilled in undertaking interviews and the facilitation of workshops.
    • Are skilled in making use of dynamic modeling.
    • Share one drive: to develop realistic solutions to complex problems through in-depth investigation, analysis, and implementation of solutions.



Scott has an extensive background in technology and business management. He has over thirty-five years experience in manufacturing, management consulting, and business operations. He has worked with and consulted to numerous companies ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 100.

A principal in several businesses, Scott is the Managing Partner of PacStar Capital Partners LLC and has been an adjunct faculty member in the business and technology programs department of the University of Phoenix.

He holds a BA in Chemistry from Western Maryland College, an MS degree in Technical Management from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

You can look at some of the publications authored or co-authored by Scott Dahne in our Online Library.